Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be Happy!

Every executive roundtable meeting develops its own theme. As snow threatened the Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the new Qm² museum directors roundtable emerged with a surprising theme: be happy! Despite serious issues discussed, everyone walked away wearing the cloak of leadership a little more lightly. As always, the directors set the agenda. Topics included:
    • Rewarding staff without money
    • Web 2.0
    • Moving toward a 501c3
    • H2 revise board appointment process
    • Transition from old to new leadership
    • Launching a new board
    • Organizational Life Cycle
    • Tension between bureaucracy and entrepreneurship
    • How to show/demonstrate organizational benefit to your community
    • HR Evaluation process
    • H2 deal with rogue board member
    • Getting ready for a new boss
    • Transition from old to new leadership
    • How to keep your head in two games, fully engaging in your current job while keeping an eye open toward what is next.

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