Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WW II Lookout Tower

Today, with brisk wind and billowing clouds threatening rain, Will Lowe and I join Michael Zuckerman http://www.capemanmac.org/ for a tour of the brilliantly restored and just opened World War II Lookout Tower. This stark and beautiful six story concrete structure – the last of it’s kind in New Jersey, introduced by simple, effective didactics, evokes the fear and courage of the Greatest Generation and tells the story of a now all but forgotten chapter of America’s early involvement in WWII. Towers such as these and massive bunkers hidden throughout the Jersey coastline protected strategic industrial centers – such as the Philadelphia Shipyards -- along the Delaware River and bay.

The project has been supported by a strong partnership:

Everyone associated with the project should, in my opinion, take enormous pride this accomplishment.