Monday, August 25, 2008

Greening Your IT?

How does all the I.T. equipment and services affect the way your organization operates? You probably couldn't do without a lot of the ways of functioning that computer software and tools have made possible. At the same time, the continual requirement to keep software current, free of viruses and other bugs, and ensuring that your staff have the tools they need to do their work, means that you are also probably wondering how to get a better handle on your I.T. budget.

All the talk in the media and elsewhere about climate change, and the rising cost of power, may also be making you think about the ecological footprint of all this IT equipment in your organization. How much power is used to run all the computers? If you have a server room, how much power is needed to keep the servers at an optimal temperature?

Instead of moving money from program funds to cover IT and utility costs, or developing a new grant request to meet operating costs, why not consider ways to reduce both the economic and ecological impact without sacrificing quality and service standards?

We've just published a new article that brings you a report from a recent seminar that identifies three ways in which you can achieve both of these objectives.

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